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Your Magical Future

Your Magical Future

You are the builder of your life, and gratitude is your magical tool to build the most incredible life for Your Magical Future.

You have now laid a foundation through these magical practices, and with the tool of gratitude, you are adding more floors to be building of your life.

Your life will climb higher and higher, until you cut the stars.

There is no end to the heights you can reach with gratitude, and there’s no end to the magic you can experience in Your Magical Future.

Like the stars in the Universe, it’s infinite!

Your Magical Future


The ideal way to move forward from here is to maintain the foundation of gratitude you’ve built, and gradually keep building on it through increasing your depth of feeling.

The more you practice gratitude, the deeper you will be able to feel it, and the more deeply you feel it, the less time you will need to give to it.

As a guide: Three days a week of Remember The Magic, or combining it with two other medical practices of your choosing, should maintain your current foundation of gratitude, and keep building the magic in your life so that your Life continues to get better and better.

For example, you might choose to do Remember The Magic on one day, Magical  Relationships on the second, and Magic Money on the third day.

Four days a week of Remember The Magic, or incorporating it with three other magical practices of your choosing, will maintain your gratitude and accelerate the magic.

Five days a week of Remember The Magic, or incorporating it with four other magical practices of your choosing, will dramatically increase your happiness and the magic in every area and circumstance of your life.

Six or seven days a week of Remember The Magic, or incorporating it with any other magical practices of your choosing, and you will become the true alchemist, who can turn everything into gold!

Your Magical Future – Magic Practice Recommendations

To keep the magic continuing in the important areas of your life, like your happiness, health, relationships, career, money, and the material things you own, you could do the specific practices for each area once a week.

However, if you want to increase the magic in any area of your life, you should give more through and increase practice of gratitude for that area, several days a week.

If you are unwell, you will want to do the magical of practices for your health every day, if not multiple times in a day.

The following recommendations will easily guide you toward the magical practices that will have the strongest and fastest effect in that area.

Follow the recommendations in the relevant area for three weeks minimum, doing each recommended practice once a week:

  1. Relationships
  2. Health
  3. Money
  4. Career
  5. Your Desires

Your Magic Rock

You can make The Magic Rock practice a part of your daily life, by continuing to keep your magic rock by your bedside, and using the time you get into bed as your reminder to be grateful for the best thing that happened that day.

You can also carry your Magic Rock with you in your pocket, and every time you touch it, use it as your reminder to think of something you’re grateful for.

Your Magic Dust

You can also make The Magic Dust Everyone practice a part of your daily life.

Other than sprinkling magic dust over the people who serve you, there are many more ways to continue using this practice.

  • You can sprinkle magic dust over everyone and everything!
  • If your boss is a bit grumpy, you can secretly sprinkle magic dust over him or her.
  • You can sprinkle magic dust over a family member or loved one if they’re in a bad mood, or anyone you come across who needs some magic in their life.
  • You can also add magic wherever you go, and sprinkle magic dust over babies and children, over your plant or garden, your food and drinks, your computer or your mail before you open them, your wallet, car, your phone before you take or make a phone call, or over any circumstance that you want to improve.

The many applications of magic dust are limited only by your imagination!

Put All These Magical Practices To Work In Your Life And Your Magical Future Will Be Limitless….

Make It Happen… That’s The #GetAddictedWay