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The Magic Wand

The Magic Wand

Have do you ever wished you had a Magic Wand so that you could just wave your wand and help the people you love?

Well, today’s magical practice will show you how you can use life’s real Magic Wand to help others!

When you fervently want to help another person you have immense power, but when you direct that power with gratitude, you really do have a Magic Wand that you can help the people you care about.

Energy flows where your attention goes, and so when you direct the energy of gratitude toward another person’s needs, that’s where the energy goes.

This is the very reason why Jesus said thank you before he performed a miracle.


Use The Magic Wand

If you have a family member, friend, or anyone you care about who is lacking physical health, in financial trouble, unhappy in their work, stressed, suffering because a relationship has ended, lost confidence in him or herself, suffering from mental problems, or feeling down about their life, you can use the invisible force of gratitude to help them with their health, wealth, and happiness.

To wave your Magic Wand for another’s health, imagine that the person’s health has been fully restored, and say the magic words, thank you, in heartfelt celebration of receiving the news that he or she is full of health again.

You could imagine the person calling you to give you the news, or imagine them telling you in person, and really see and feel your reaction.

When you can feel as grateful now as you would when you heard the news that the person’s health have been fully restored, it will guarantee that the gratitude you feel is as sincere and as powerful as it can be.

To wave your Magic Wand to help someone you love with their wealth, follow the same magical practice, and be as grateful as if they had the wealth they needed right now.

Imagine their wealth has been fully restored, it is done, and you’re saying the magic words, thank you, because you’ve just received the amazing news.

If a person you know is going through a tough time, but you don’t know what specifically they need, or if they need help in more than one area, then you can follow the same magical practice and wave your Magic Wand by giving thanks for the happiness, or for their health, wealth, and happiness together.

The Magic Wand Practice

Today, choose three people you care about who are currently in need of health, wealth, or happiness, or all three.

  • Get a photograph of each person if you have one, and keep the photograph in front of you while doing this practice.
  • Take the first person, hold their photograph in your hand, then close your eyes and for one minute visualize yourself receiving the news that the person has been fully restored with whatever they need.
    • It is much easier to visualize yourself receiving the news then it is to visualize, for example, an ill person healthy again, or a depressed person happy again, or a financially stressed person abundant again.
  • You will feel more excitement in gratitude if you involve yourself in your visualization.
  • Open your eyes, and with the photographs still in your hand, say the magic words, thank you, slowly three times, for that person’s health, wealth, or happiness, or whatever combination they need:
    • Thank you, thank you, thank you for_____Name’s_____ health, wealth, or happiness. 
  • As you finish with one person, move on to the next person, and follow the same two steps until you’ve finished the Magic Wand practice by sending health, wealth, or happiness to all three people.

You can also use this powerful practice when you’re walking down the street or going about your day and you come across someone who is obviously lacking happiness, health, or wealth.

  • Imagine you have a magic wand, and in your mind wave it by giving heartfelt thanks for their wealth, health, and happiness, and know that you have set a real force of energy into motion.


Using gratitude to help someone else with his or her health, wealth, and happiness is the single greatest act of gratitude you can perform.

And one of the magical things about it is that the health, wealth, and happiness you fervently wish for others, you also bring to yourself.

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