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Before Your Very Eyes

Before Your Very Eyes

Seven years ago, when I first discovered The Secret and The Magic, I made a list of all of my desires.

It was a long list!

At that time, there seemed to be no possible way for my desires to come true.

Nevertheless, I took my top 10 desires and I carried them with me on a piece of paper every day.

When ever I had an opportunity, I would take out my list and read through it, giving as much gratitude for each desire as I could, as though I had received it.

With my number one desire, the desire I wanted more than anything else, I kept it constantly in my mind, and I would say the magic words, thank you, for it multiple times in a day, and feel it as if it had come true.

Before Your Very Eyes – Magical

One by one every desire on my list magically appeared before my very eyes.

As I received my desires I would cross them off my list, and when I had new desires I would add them to my list.

One of my desires from my original long list was to travel to Bora-Bora near Tahiti.

After spending a beautiful week at the exact place in Bora-Bora I had listed, another beautiful thing happened.

I was flying to the mainland of Tahiti on my way home with the airplane stopped in route to pick up passengers.

The flight had been empty, but it filled to the brim with native Tahitians, and suddenly laughter, smiling faces, any happiness that was palpable surrounded me.

And I enjoyed the short flight with these beautiful people, it became crystal clear to me the reason why they were so happy.

They were grateful!

They were grateful to be alive, they were grateful to be on the airplane, they were grateful to be with each other, they were grateful for where they were going – they were grateful for everything!

I would have stayed on that plane and travel around the world with them, it feels so good to be with them.

And then it struck me that I had just received my final desire; Bora-Bora with the last desire in my original long list, and the reason I was on that plane was before my very eyes – gratitude!

Happening Before Your Very Eyes

I’ve shared the story as inspiration for you, because no matter how big your desires seem to be, you can receive them through gratitude.image-22-06-16-10-28

Even more than that, gratitude will bring a joy and happiness for life that you’ve never felt before, and it is truly priceless.

From the time I began using gratitude and the law of attraction to the time I received my final desire on my original list was for years.

To give you an idea of the enormousness of receiving all my desires in that amount of time, when I created my desire list, my company was $2 million in debt, and I had too much before I would be forced to shut it down and will lose my home and everything I owned.

The money I owed on my personal credit cards was a small fortune, and yet on my desire list was to own a big house overlooking the ocean, to travel to exotic places in the world, to have paid all my debts, to expand my company, to restore every relationship to the best it could be, improve the quality of my families lives, to be 100% healthy again, and have unlimited energy an excitement for life, along with the usual list of material things.

And my number one desire, which seemed like an absolute impossibility to many of the people around me, was to bring joy to millions of people to my work.

The very first desire that I received was bringing joy to millions of people to my work.

It Happens Before Your Very Eyes…

The rest of my desires magically followed, and one by one, as they appeared before my very eyes, I crossed off my list.

Before Your Very Eyes Practice

So now it’s your turn to use gratitude magical power to make your desires appear Before Your Very Eyes.

At the start of the day, take your Top 10 Desire List that you created.

  • Read through each sentence and desire on your list, and for one minute imagine or visualize that you have received your desire.
  • Feel as much gratitude as you can, as if you have it now.
  • Carry your desire list with you today in your pocket.
  • On at least two occasions in the day, take out your list, read through it, and feel as much gratitude for each one as you can, as though you’ve received it.
    • If you want your desires to come more quickly, I would highly recommend that you carry your desire list with you in your wallet or purse from this day forward, and whenever you have time, open it up, read through it, and feel is much gratitude as you can for each one.
  • When your desires appear Before Your Very Eyes, cross them off your list, and add more.

And if you’re like me, each time you cross a desire off your list you will be in tears of joy, because what seemed impossible was made possible through the magical powers of gratitude.

Make It Happen…. That’s The #GetAddictedWay