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Trust that you will acquire the skills necessary as you go along your journey. Believing in yourself gives you the confidence and motivation necessary to Get All In and Make It Happen…


Know Your Why. When you figure out your why that drives you to Accomplish Your Dreams and Goals… Why do you want to Get Fit? Why do you want to Become Successful? Always have a “Why” because the journey will get rough and you’ll need to have that constant Reason Why pounding in the back of your mind keeping you Encouraged and Dedicated to Consistent Habits of Success.


Stay focused on what you are working to accomplish. Anytime you are working towards something positive, expect obstacles to come as distractions — Always Be Prepared. Being responsible by holding yourself accountable is a major factor when working to Accomplish Your Goals and Dreams… Reward yourself for Every Goal Accomplished.


You can’t expect everyone to understand your Dreams and Goals, that’s what make it Yours. Keep a Tight Circle full of Positive and Like-Minded People. Don’t wait on Others to accomplish their Goals or to go after YOUR Dream! Get Fit, Get Healthy, Get Addicted and Live The Life You Desire.

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Here you will find useful information that is catering to those who are interested in Fitness Tips, Happenings in the Entertainment World, and MOST IMPORTANTLY you will Be Empowered and Motivated to be Better Than Ever and to Go All In with your Goals... Helping You Rise To Your Ultimate Self. We can all admit that we have some things in this world that we are Addicted to (games, gambling, partying, Non-Productive Activities to sum it all up). The mission is to Inspire everyone to Get Addicted to a Lifestyle of Freedom and Success. MAKE IT HAPPEN... It’s That Simple…… Not only centered around Health and Fitness, but also involved in other Professions as well that I will share with those who seek advice in those fields. Here you will find the daily activities involving the #GetAddictedMovment. The Commitment has already been made to Inspire/Empower/Motivate ALL who crosses the path of the Get Addicted Movement. Join the Movement as we all strive to accomplish our mission in Life……are you up for the challenge? Subscribe by clicking the provided links and Dig into our daily dose of Marketing Tips, Motivation, Fitness, and Entertainment. Do Whats Necessary…..Let’s Go…. MAKE IT HAPPEN... That's The #GetAddictedWay!!!!

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  • Make It Happen....

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Making It Happen The #GetAddictedWay

Jamie Moreen

@iAmJmoreen aka Mr. Get Addicted… Actor/Model/Singer/Musician/Coach/Marketing/Forex… What can I say… I’ve always been taught to Learn How To Do Things Yourself… and So I DID!!! Making It Happen… The #GetAddictedWay…. #GetAddictedMovement….

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